The way information follows you is creepy!

Info is not just names and addresses. Sometimes you need the order number or the last contact details as you solve issues. The way Omnicient works leaves you wondering how it knows which information you need; it is always on hand. Perhaps it’s witchcraft?

Your business increases in power directly in line with the data it collects.  But only if that data is organised into useful information.  Information that is lost, duplicated with errors, insecure, unreliable and in the wrong place when you need it is just data……Omnicient turns your company data into useful information by organising it, checking for duplication and then putting it in the right place.

Tasks and decisions that can take hours can now be completed in seconds with the correct information to hand. We don’t care if you find it creepy.  Omnicient will learn what information is needed by whom and when.  Then, it will ensure that every link contains exactly the right information to make the task itself a breeze.

Example 1.  Julia wants to book a holiday and asks you to approve it.

            What information do you need?

You need information that was filed in HR

  • How many days is she allowed?
  • How many days has she already taken?
  • What skills does Julia have that somebody else can cover for?

You need information that was filed in the Projects team

  • What projects is Julia working on?
  • Will she have cover if she is the Manager?

You need information that was filed in Client accounts

  • What jobs has Julia already been allocated?
  • When will they be finished?
  • What orders are we expecting to come in around the same time?

Now I need to sign the form, take a copy and file under……?

Omnicient allows Julia to create her own booking in seconds on-line

It shows her which holiday entitlement she has, so no mistakes can be made.

By the time you are notified, most of the important checks are made.  You just need to click on the link in the system alert and all of the information you need is supplied on one form.

Two words show at the bottom of the form.   “Approve” or “Reject” (comments field is available)!

A 20 second read and a click of a button send the approved holiday request back to your HR help desk for storage and notifications of people that will be affected by your decision.  No signing, no printing paper and no copying required.

Output – A digital ticket that will be stored as long as you want it to.  This information will go on to be part of the big picture when you ask to see the company holiday report.