Sometimes only a fully integrated Reverse Logistics solution will do.

Clients are judging your efficiency from the systems you use. Aligned to British Standards you can manage risks, resources, jobs, tasks, programmes and projects. You can even allow your clients on-line access to collaborate with you.

Omnicient is a job and a task-based Reverse Logistics solution designed specifically for the way small businesses work.  However, it is not unusual for a small business to be involved in some very large and complicated logistics projects.

To manage a project properly, you will need the correct tools.  Like it or not, people will judge your company by the tools and processes you use.  More often than not, you will be expected to share information from your projects with clients, sub-contractors and other 3rd parties.

In this position there is no option but to use a fully specified, standards driven Projects Management Programme.  Omnicient has just what you need.

Whilst the tasks and jobs that come from a larger project are no different to any other task you have to perform, the background management of those tasks and the way they are linked with resources, change management, predecessor tasks, Gantt reports, risks and funding means that you must use the Omnicient Projects Management programme for this.