Every enquiry, order, invoice, task, job, process, function and item of work is logged and linked.

You can see in real-time who is doing what. Allocation of tasks becomes automatic as your processes mature.

Even if you work alone, you will need to follow a process to get things done. At the end of every process is usually a person waiting for that invoice or that quote or that order to be delivered.

When you start to employ staff, you want to ensure every working minute is used fully and that people are working as productively as possible. If a process works for your business and it enables you to provide a good service to customers, then why not make sure everyone follows the same process? It makes sense.

“But my business is different – we don’t do things that way”

We hear this every day. Every business follows processes. Without them you would be lost. All you have to do in Omnicient is follow your own process but use our tools to track, guide and approve each step. That way you will know exactly where you are with everything you do.

In Omnicient whatever tasks you need to do are all held in one place. It doesn’t matter what job, project or workflow you are part of. Each task is presented as follows:

· With priority marked and in order

· After priority – completion date order is used

· Then tasks are listed in any order you sort them

· Each task has a board that shows what you need to do, what needs to be passed to others and what is completed.

· Drag and drop each ticket on the board as tasks are done.