Every document is stored and linked to the right people and the right tasks.

You have the ability to edit and collaborate on documents on-line, even without your own copy of Microsoft Office.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to complete a task to a deadline and finding that you have not been given the correct information to complete the task. You then spend vital time chasing extra information before missing the deadline because of “information scatter”

Information Scatter

Information Scatter is a term used when information is taken into a business, but not associated with the correct tasks or (worse still) filed in the wrong, or hard to find places.

We have all heard the joke about filing it under “p” for paper!

Omnicient attachments

Documents need to be stored centrally, so that records are up to date. But photocopying paper and attaching the re-print to orders and other forms is a total waste of resources. This happens every day, even in big companies. Omnicient brings this to an end with the attachments.

Every task and every event and form in Omnicient has linked attachments.

This is not a re-production of the original. It is a link to the original.

No mistakes, no printing costs and best of all, top security as information is available only to the people that need it. It doesn’t matter if it is a letter or a scanned picture of a passport, any format is permitted, and it is tagged against the contact, event or project or task.

When you receive a task in Omnicient, you can be certain that every piece of information you will require to approve, reject or complete your task is linked, right there on the same form.