Don’t buy standalone business applications!

Below you will find information about the applications we use, so that you don’t have to.  

People search for these applications because they think that is what their business needs. It is not.

A small business can be paralysed after it tries to force itself to use software that is not fit for purpose.  Other companies sell “applications” that don’t allow you to complete any job end to end.  

Omnicient is different.  We care about “joining up the dots” to allow you to complete th end to end logistical nightmare. .  You should not need to care that this information is stored in that application.  Not in the 21st Century!  

Reverse logistics software that spans every function of your business.  Don’t bother to read any further on this page unless you want to know how we make the stuff you use so simple.

Omnicient is not applications ‘categorised’ as CRM or ERP. You know which jobs you want to complete and don’t want complex applications!

You decide what you want to do, you click a button and you do it, quickly, without fuss, with 100% accuracy.  

There are 79 applications inside Omnicient, but why should you care?  Each one is linked to everything else and unless you really want to create something unusual, you may never need to even look further than the cover sheet.  Unlike other software vendors, Omnicient is not hung up on creating “applications” and “features” that you will never use.  We want to help you get the job done right first time and empower your staff to do the same.


The apps require no client side installation at all – they are consumed from the Cloud and on demand

Simple & Functional

Many applications are also supported by Mobile apps readily available on Google Play or the Apple App Store


Access your company and its applications anytime you have an online connection. Some apps even work offline!

Omnicient links all these apps (and more) for you

Intuitive to use, easy to setup when you first use them. They are written to be able to be used with no user-guides or manuals. They do however have in service videos on each button if you need help.

Customer Relationship Management

This is a foundation Application for any business that interacts with clients, customers, contacts, companies, suppliers and so on in any form.  This is typically the first application purchased and set up by our clients.

With it you can manage your entire customer relationship with very intuitive management of the sales process, including automation, alerting, dashboards, reports.  You can also manage campaigns, leads, opportunities, quotations, orders and handle your invoices, monitor email exchanges and get at a glance views on how your company is performing against its objectives.

e-Human Resources

This is a foundation Application for any business that has to manage staff and employees or even just sub-contractors.  This is one of the first applications purchased and set up by our clients.

The tools, applications and reports needed by even the smallest human resources team. Offers detailed administration and management of employee records, their holidays and entitlements (yes, they can even book their own holidays with an approval process too!). Improvement in performance and training can be tracked in Employee Objectives. Automated Organisation Chart (drag and drop). Includes Timesheets and Expenses management platforms so your teams can submit time on projects/jobs/sites as they occur and they can even submit expenses into your approvals process automatically; including pictures or attachments of receipts.

Service and Help Desks

Offer your employees and your clients both internal and external help desks or service desks. Define your own service levels and use the inbuilt workflow, alerting and ensure you maintain a solid service level inside and outside your business. The application comes with full Administrative capabilities, the ability to control workflow for tickets raised and is supported by a native knowledge base solution that puts things like ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ directly in the hands of your support operation.

Asset Management

This application set puts complete control of all assets held by your company and allows you to easily keep up with their location, maintenance status, age and many other ‘tags’. You can also print QR-CODES for each asset to allow for super-easy tracking with our Asset Management Mobile Companion Application. You can even describe the master items and the sub-items for complex asset management, attach photographs, documents, user guides and much more.


The Documents application finds itself used across multiple applications, so no matter which apps you add you have access to a consistent documents storage and management system. It features full user privilege controls at a per document level, a built in real-time editor (with multiple editors), notes and much more. If you put a document on a lead, then promote that lead to an opportunity and then to an order and an invoice the document follows the process and is available to every facet of the jobs/tasks/projects/contact/customers lifecycle. It also features fully automatic version control plus a built in alerting and notification system so you can be alerted of changes to documents you are waiting for updates against.

Contracts Management

A detailed suite of capabilities to help your company to manage its critical contracts and the suppliers that may be included in your liabilities. It also handles the recording of compliance activities, escrow and much more. The products associated with contracts are also carried with each contract as is the relationships between contracts. Useful additional features include automatic alerts on the imminent expiry of contracts so that you can renew or review them before its too late.

Project Management

The Project Management application allows your project teams to work against planned budgets for projects of any size and scope. The application provides granular control over resources that may be internal or external and can track costs versus projects in real-time. It features a full task management framework, Gantt charting, dashboards, reports, registries of sites and project sites. It also links seamlessly with the Contracts App (if purchased) or with locally administered Contracts. It allows for the capture of all original requirements, basic risk management. It also features a project level capacity to store attachments dedicated to projects. If you know what the Global Resources (people, assets, work, products etc) then you can watch and monitor your progress financially as you work on your projects as a team. It also features the ability to track changes and deal with approvals for in-flight changes to the scope or deliverables in your projects, making it significantly easier for you to get paid for work completed.

Resource Management

Do you struggle with the diaries of your resources and who is free to go an do an installation for a customer tomorrow afternoon? If your business needs to have people in certain places at certain times to do jobs then you’ll need the resource management application suite. It provides a top-down view of your team, who is scheduled, who is free and allows you to plan for projects and work easily into the future.

Stock Management

Providing detailed and extremely granular control of stock. Works in tandem with CRM too, so orders accepted in the front office will automatically trigger stock requisitions for the warehouse team. It seamlessly handles stock movements in/out, plus back orders for orders that cannot yet be fulfilled. It also allows in-flight stock adjustment, monitoring of stock levels across the business, management of customer prices for stock held and tracking so you know where your stock is at any time.

Shared and General Capabilities

The platform as a whole is horizontally integrated, so it doesn’t matter which applications you purchase, the linking between the applications is instant and automatic. For example, if you use CRM and you record an order and you have purchased the Project application then the solution asks you if you want to create a project from the order.  No user integration is required. None. Nix, Nada, Null… get the idea. It just works. It has been engineered to work this way.