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CRM Coversheet

Select Trivaeo CRM by clicking on the CRM square on the main company coversheet. Or by selecting CRM from the expanded left menu. CRM Coversheet Every Trivaeo module has a coversheet of its own. The coversheet is to show the main modules within the applications and solutions you use, so that you can click on […]

CRM Leads

No need to re-input information IF the contact or company you want to add as a lead is already in the system. Simply open the drop-down list at list view of Contacts and select “Create Lead”. CRM Leads is designed to separate enquiries you have from the main contacts and companies lists. It is important […]

CRM Orders

CRM Orders You can create, manage and process orders (Sales Orders) as part of the Trivaeo CRM. Sales Order Processing (SOP) is designed to be an integral part of the CRM Sales process and is linked to every single part of the CRM suite of modules. CRM Orders List View You can view a list […]

CRM Overview

See your own CRM modules by either selecting “CRM” box from coversheet or by closing the coversheet and selecting CRM from the left-hand menu. Note that sales teams and targets and product lists and sales process items and dictionaries need to be already entered into the administration area in order to best use some of […]

CRM Quotes

The ability to quote for Products and Services you wish to sell is an important part of a Sales process. The Quote tool provided here picks up your company Logo / branding and states clearly what you propose to supply and at what price. It also allows you to add (top and tail) with your […]

CRM Opportunities

Part of the sales best practice when managing sales processes that take a longer time or require input from several people or require intense Account Management is to upgrade Leads to full “Opportunities”. These Opportunities hold much more information about the sales cycle you may follow and show the history and process you follow over […]

Documents and Attachments

There are two versions of Document Management available to you: The integral version that does not need an additional license fee and is available to support all other applications and solutions and modules. An enhanced version with Only Office (Document Editing on-line and version control) functions Integral Documents Management All of Trivaeo’s Applications, Business Process […]

e-HR Employee List

A suite of modules and applications to help any company (large or small) to manage their people assets (Employees). It can also be extended to any other staff that work permanently or on contract. This Module is an important module IF you wish to use the various processes and approvals processes inside each module and […]