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Administration – Introduction

The first signed up ‘user’ is immediately established as the ‘Main Administrator’ of any TrivaeoCloud or CloudWorksIT Company instance. Someone has to go first right?  Having signed up and claimed the underlying Company by name for the instance the first user is set up as the main administrator.  Unlike other IT Administration gigs the role […]

Administration – Service Desk Admin

If your company has purchased a package that includes the Service Desk functionality then you will see an ‘Administration’ link to administer it under the menu link for Administration, Service Desk Admin in the navigation links on the left side of the screen. It may be quickly accessed by pressing the ‘Administration’ Panel on your […]

Administration – e-HR Admin

e-HR (e-Human Resources / Human Resources Management) is a pivotal application within the business applications suite just like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Document Management are.  The application is often underrated and under utilised by smaller businesses who assume that hands on management of staff in real-time generates the best mid and long term results.  […]

Administration – Projects Admin

Most configuration of Projects occurs during the setup of each Project in the main Projects Application itself. Therefore the amount of enterprise wide preconfiguration and preparation that needs to occur from a main administrative perspective is quite light. Especially so, when compared with some of the other application genres in the combined business applications suite. […]

Administration – Assets Admin

The most important asset to any business is its employees.  Following them in a close second are the tangible, physical or real assets that a company owns.  These assets are managed in the business applications suite so that they enjoy a complete lifecycle, monitoring their intrinsic value, maintenance status and who in your business currently […]

Administration – Contracts Admin

Contracts Admin is a title that does a sheer injustice to the inherent functionality of this application suite area of the business applications platform! Within the main Contracts application suite your users will be able to completely manage suppliers, conduct supplier due diligence, measure suppliers compliance and manage the contracts that underwrite your business relationships […]

CRM Campaigns

Trivaeo offers a module to manage the email and “snail-mail” campaigns and to track the success of other Marketing campaigns. undertaken and the aim is to keep the contacts (targets) in CRM and integrate with a suitable email bulk sending platform (such as Mailchimp). With this in mind, this module is NOT designed to replace […]

CRM Comms

CRM Communications History and email Integration Great control and sharing of communications are the essence of service. Trivaeo has integrated a module dedicated to the control and sharing of communications. This is in addition to the module dedicated to just tasks management. “CRM – Communications History is an easy to access vault that holds records […]

CRM Companies

CRM Companies Just as CRM / Contacts has a list view, so does the Companies you hold in your CRM. See CRM / Contacts for more information. A Company in Trivaeo CRM is any organisation you might want to store information about, (apart from your own). This does not restrict you to storing only customer […]

CRM Contacts

Note CRM Contacts uses links from CRM / Admin to establish Groups and Account Type. Whilst these are not mandatory, you will find it harder to locate individual contacts and to note what sort of contacts they are without using this drop-down box dictionary-fed information. The Contacts List View Small Circle pictured shows area in […]