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Administration – CRM Admin

How to set up your CRM for first time use as your Company CRM Administrator. As this is one of the most common areas an Administrator will first attempt to configure this user guide also recaps on many salient setup and configuration areas of the solution as a whole.  For more details see the detailed […]

Administration – Process and Collaboration

The process and collaboration area in Administration is where various functions associated with business workflow, processes and activities are managed or created.  On first creation of your company solution, instance templates in the solution will automatically create a set of standard processes and dictionaries. These may be readily amended or used as templates to create […]

Administration – Accessing Global Settings

To access any platform level Administrative features of the platform your logged in user account must be in a Permission Group that includes the ‘Administrator’ function. This is a simple once only ‘tick box’ applied to a user.  This way any user in any permission group can join the main administrators group.  You could also […]