Reverse Logistics Software that
re-sells returned stock before it hits your warehouse

Achieve higher margins
and give your stock another life

Manages customer returns using Retailers’ existing process from any point of inflection

Make the most out of your system with a Returned Stock Pricing Engine, Customer Web Forms and API Digitalised Data Entry 

Omni-Channel Sales Engine and e-commerce solution for Resellers of returned goods

Publish Ads to Multiple sales channels in seconds, boost product descriptions with our new Product Data Harvester and grade items before they reach your warehouse

Distribution and documentation, Route Planning and Warehouse Management for Logistics Partners

 Optimise delivery routes, schedules and loads in order to reduce the carbon emissions produced by Reverse Logistics 

Omnicient features a Stock Infusion Engine that uses a five step process below

The exact process can be changed to suit your own company requirements.

  1. Import of stock being returned can be done by stores, general public or manufacturers directly into the eco-system.  Stock meta data is stored in ready-made templates.
  2. Normalisation of stock is fully automated inside a stock management function and you can start to link product information, Unique Product Codes (UPC) and Stock identifiers.
  3. Using a mobile application suitable for any mobile device, you can grade stock using any system or grading guidelines you wish.  Grading of any products and any condition can be done in seconds.  Take pictures of stock and packaging condition and store in a single point of truth for each item
  4. Decide which sales channels you want to re-sell your stock through.  Choose any web integration such as Woo Commerce on WordPress.  Choose Amazon or eBay and unify prices, discounts and grading information via a few clicks.
  5. Start to manage Offers, Sales, Quotes and Invoices and Payments from one place.  Every click through every site you use is unified.  Sell directly and remove stock from sale from every other channel at once.

Omnicient features a sales and marketing function that follows the 5 step process below:

You can change the exact process to suit the way your own company works

  1. Store every contact and every company and every location inside your own or the in-built fully automated CRM
  2. Create enquiries and leads as required and watch as the unified multi-channel sales process goes to work
  3. Turn leads into orders at the touch of a button.  Watch as information follows each case. No need to search
  4. The sales order process has complete visibility across multiple channels with complete unification
  5. Unified reports and integration to your own existing accounts packages ensures end-to-end processes

Omnicient features a warehouse management and route tracking function to distribute your stock in the most cost effective way:

Take a look at the process below.  You can change the way it all works to suit your own business.  Distribute yourself or via 3rd party contractors, either way: You keep total control and visibility.

  1. Warehouse Management.  Receive stock and produce automated electronic documents
  2. Scan QR codes and track exact location for stock.  Manage grading, in and out control
  3. Keep exact control with automated status updates, single pane of glass view for all parties involved
  4. Alerts and notifications for deliveries and communications with logistics companies through built-in API’s
  5. Single point of truth shows the product and stock returns journey and reports for margins and costs

6 Features You Will Love

The way information follows you is creepy!

Info is not just names and addresses. Sometimes you need the order number or the last contact details as you solve issues. The way Omnicient works will leave you wondering how it knows which information you need; it is always on hand. Perhaps it’s witchcraft?

Everybody your business ever touches (Staff, Contractors, Customers, Partners etc.) stored in Omnicient.

Info about people is linked when you do business with them again. Omnicient deals automatically with GDPR issues and keeps private information hidden when needed.

Every enquiry, order, invoice task, job, process, function and item of work is logged and linked.

You can see in real-time who is doing what. Allocation of tasks becomes automatic as your processes mature.

Your own website feeds contacts to your Omnicient system automatically. Set up in seconds, hours saved every week.

Clients can even book appointments in your calendars automatically right from your website

Every document is stored and linked to the right people and the right tasks.

You have the ability to edit and collaborate on documents on-line, even without your own copy of Microsoft Office.

Sometimes only a fully integrated system will do.

Clients are judging your efficiency from the systems you use. The Omnicient system will allow you to link every part of your business process for Reverse Logistics to the rest of your business seamlessly.

See your whole business in real time and see who is doing what right now.

Omnicient brings the information you need to you. We have the plan. Use our free get started support to plug in your existing information and make sure all of your employees, suppliers, partners, sub-contractors and clients are stored.

How it works

  • All you have to do is to click the link to try Omnicient. It’s free and without obligation
  • Then, everything you need to run your business is in one place. See the massive feature cloud to get an idea of the power of Omnicient.
  • We will take you through the whole set up process in one-hour.
  • You then have 7 days to try all of the Omnicient features
  • During your trial, you can contact us at any time for support
  • Then, when you see how Omnicient changes your business, swap your free trial for a fully supported paid service